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First Time Getting Botox? Here’s How it Will Go!

Botox cosmetic was not the first injectable treatment, but it is the most well-known. It is often thought of as the original cosmetic injectable, and for good reason. Before 2002, when the FDA approved this drug, few others had made it to the global market. Since Botox emerged nearly 20 years ago, it has reached […]

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What is PRK?

Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are common eye conditions, They are often corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. For people who want long-term vision correction that decreases their reliance on these remedies, there is LASIK. Because this laser eye procedure is well-known, people often don’t know that there is an alternative. LASIK is a wonderful treatment […]

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Choosing an Intraocular Lens for Cataract Removal Surgery

According to statistics, approximately 90% of older adults will develop cataracts. This condition is a leading cause of vision loss. Fortunately, the clouding that is caused by a buildup of protein in the lens of the eye is not irreparable. Cataract surgery has been one of the most common eye procedures for many years. This […]

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These Habits are Fitness for Your Eyes

We’ve become educated over the past several years about the vital necessity of nutrition and exercise. This awareness that our good health is not guaranteed leads many people to develop habits that help them manage their weight, blood pressure, and other important aspects of health. While we’re at it, we can also benefit from exploring […]

Our Aesthetics Center Has Solutions for Tired-Looking Eyes

The signs of aging are going to appear. We all know that. However, when aging skin makes the face look fatigued, unwell, or unfriendly, one may become self-conscious. This is the time when the concept of aging gracefully may be questioned. What does it look like to age gracefully? For many, the process involves nonsurgical […]

Why LASIK is a Good Idea

Wearing eyeglasses is novel for many people, at least for a short while. At some point, though, frustration may occur due to the frequent need to clean lenses and push glasses up on the bridge of the nose, where they slide from with amazing speed. The common alternative for folks who have wanted to gain […]

Secondary Cataracts: Is This Really A Thing?

Cataracts affect millions of people, causing varying degrees of cloudiness from one to another. A characteristic of cataracts is that this condition progressively worsens over time. This happens because proteins continually accumulate on the natural lens once the process has begun. At some point, there are too many proteins on the lens for a person […]

What Happens after Microneedling Treatment?

In recent years, several collagen-induction treatments have been developed. Microneedling is one that has become popular for its ease and efficiency. This technique for bringing more collagen into the epidermis is an enhanced form of dermal rolling; one that achieves maximum results in a shorter period of time and with greater precision than its DIY […]

‘Tis the Season to Be Dry

The weather outside may be getting a bit frightful about this time of year. The skies are cloudy and snowflakes are falling one day, and the sun is shining the next. In either scenario, chances are the air is cold and dry. This change can trigger a whole slew of issues, ranging from skin conditions […]

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Give Yourself a Lyft

Aging isn’t the problem it used to be. While we all know our bodies grow older, this passage of time doesn’t carry the same consequences it once did. We can both feel great and look great as long as we wish. The trick is to know what is needed at what point in time. Here, […]

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