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First Time Getting Botox? Here’s How it Will Go!

istock 536080061Botox cosmetic was not the first injectable treatment, but it is the most well-known. It is often thought of as the original cosmetic injectable, and for good reason. Before 2002, when the FDA approved this drug, few others had made it to the global market. Since Botox emerged nearly 20 years ago, it has reached a pinnacle of success that includes more than 7 million treatments each year, and that is in the U.S. alone. With Botox being so familiar, we consistently receive calls from new patients who want to get this treatment for the first time. Here, we walk you through what your first appointment will involve.

Your Appointment Begins with a Chat

When you schedule your first Botox appointment, you can still expect your provider to begin your visit with a brief consultation. The only way to confirm that Botox is right for you is for us to get to know what you wish to achieve. Botox may be popular, but it isn’t the only injectable treatment. This drug is capable of smoothing the wrinkles that are caused by making facial expressions, like frowning and smiling. These lines are a result of muscle movement and tension. During our consultation, we gain an understanding of your skin, your concerns, and your overall goals for facial rejuvenation.

Next, we Treat!

Botox treatment can take place right after our conversation, once we know your objectives and expectations and you know what Botox can and cannot do. Many people feel somewhat nervous about their first Botox treatment because they assume injections into the frown lines, crow’s feet, or forehead area will hurt. They don’t. We use a very small needle to administer injectable treatments. It is not unlike the needle that would be used to give a TB test. The needle also passes just under the skin into the superficial muscle. Each injection feels like a tiny pinch that immediately goes away.

Recovery and Results

You don’t need time off to recover from Botox, but you may want to be able to go home after your first appointment. This would allow you to see how your body responds; how long redness and swelling last, if you experience these side effects at all. Some people also notice a slight headache or achiness after Botox injections. The results of treatment are not immediate; they increase over about a week. Retreatment may be performed every 3 months, or at whatever intervals are unique to you based on how long your results last.

Contact the aesthetic center at Cornea Consultants of Albany at 518.475.1515 to schedule your Botox treatment for a merry holiday season.

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