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First Time Getting Botox? Here’s How it Will Go!

Botox cosmetic was not the first injectable treatment, but it is the most well-known. It is often thought of as the original cosmetic injectable, and for good reason. Before 2002, when the FDA approved this drug, few others had made it to the global market. Since Botox emerged nearly 20 years ago, it has reached […]

Our Aesthetics Center Has Solutions for Tired-Looking Eyes

The signs of aging are going to appear. We all know that. However, when aging skin makes the face look fatigued, unwell, or unfriendly, one may become self-conscious. This is the time when the concept of aging gracefully may be questioned. What does it look like to age gracefully? For many, the process involves nonsurgical […]

What Happens after Microneedling Treatment?

In recent years, several collagen-induction treatments have been developed. Microneedling is one that has become popular for its ease and efficiency. This technique for bringing more collagen into the epidermis is an enhanced form of dermal rolling; one that achieves maximum results in a shorter period of time and with greater precision than its DIY […]

Cornea Care | Slingerlands, NY

Give Yourself a Lyft

Aging isn’t the problem it used to be. While we all know our bodies grow older, this passage of time doesn’t carry the same consequences it once did. We can both feel great and look great as long as we wish. The trick is to know what is needed at what point in time. Here, […]

Dive into Dermal Filler Treatment with Confidence

Online and on television and movie screens, we tend to see people at their very best; their very best being the side of them that looks the most attractive. The images that we see every day are so ingrained in our minds that we may not even realize that we believe the beautiful people we […]

Dermal Filler Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Dermal filler treatment is one of the most common ways in which professionals help their clients address the signs of aging. Various dermal filler products have been widely used for the past several years. From this common use, you would think there would be very few misperceptions about the way treatment works and what it […]

Have You Been Wondering about Kybella?

A double-chin is a dreaded cosmetic problem that affects a decent percentage of the population. Historically, the fatty tissue that would accumulate beneath a person’s chin (called submental fullness) could only be removed through liposuction. While the minor surgical procedure is still used by plastic surgeons, a new solution for submental fullness has been developed. […]

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