Cornea Surgery

Cornea Transplant Surgery

As the name Cornea Consultants of Albany suggests, we specialize in cornea surgery. Your cornea is the outermost part of your eye and covers your iris, pupil, and anterior chamber. The cornea helps to refract light and focus it onto the back of the eye to help you see, and it makes up for two-thirds of your eye’s total optical power.

Your cornea is extremely important, and that is why it is one of our specialties. There are lots of different types of corneal procedures. In fact, although LASIK is a refractive surgery that changes the shape of your cornea, it falls under the cornea surgery umbrella. Having corneal surgery can improve your vision, and even more importantly, the health of your eyes. If you don’t take care of your corneas, you increase your chances of permanently damaging your eyesight and even risk blindness. It is important to maintain regular visits with us to ensure the health of your corneas, and so we are able to take action if necessary. Dr. Schultze and Dr. Eden are among the most qualified and best ophthalmologists in upstate New York, and in the country, with years of experience treating the eye and the cornea. By making an appointment at Cornea Consultants of Albany, you will know that you and your eyes are being taken care of by people who are specially trained to do just that.

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