Custom Lasik

At Cornea Consultants of Albany we now offer custom LASIK, or wavefront optimized LASIK, to make corrections in your vision that glasses, contact lenses, and even traditional LASIK would be unable to make.

Like conventional LASIK, custom LASIK treats near sightedness, far sightedness, and astigmatism, but this newer procedure has many more benefits than traditional LASIK. When performing a refractive procedure, your ophthalmologist at Cornea Consultants must determine the amount of refractive error you are experiencing to determine how the cornea must be reshaped. With custom LASIK surgery, we can now create a 3-D map of your exact eye to show us even the slightest imperfection by measuring your eye’s ability to focus light rays.

Your eye is as unique as your fingerprint, which is why the 3-D map used in custom LASIK allows us to customize the procedure to work best for your eye. This is where the name “Custom LASIK” comes from. The map is then transferred directly to the laser resulting in higher levels of precision and treatment accuracy. It acts as a guide for the laser to perform a more personalized and custom surgery, allowing the laser to fix more of the irregularities in your cornea that are contributing to your vision impairments. Because of the precision and accuracy of the procedure, custom LASIK gives you a greater chance of having near perfect vision. Custom LASIK does more than just improve how much you see, it improves how well you see too. The amount you can see is measured using an eye chart, which is what is used to determine if you have 20/20 vision. However, how well you see depends on a number of visual distortions known as higher-order aberrations, which are optical defects other than common refractive errors. Other laser corrective procedures can increase the number of these higher-order aberrations on your eye during surgery, so even though those other procedures can still improve your vision you may still experience glare and halos in your vision. With custom LASIK there are fewer incidences of glare and halos, and there is even the potential of better overall vision, even at night!

Custom LASIK can also be used to fix imperfections left over from previous laser corrective surgeries like LASIK, PRK, etc. Additionally, the potential exists for patients to have better vision than is possible with glasses or contacts. Consider custom LASIK treatment at Cornea Consultants of Albany to improve your vision with perfection.

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