Artificial Cornea

What Are Artificial Corneas Used For?

An artificial cornea may be the best course of treatment for patients who have not found success with human cornea transplants. With new technologies, it is now possible to build a synthetic cornea to replace your old and damaged cornea.

What Is An Artificial Cornea Made Of?

The synthetic material used in artificial corneas is a rigid plastic and is not able to bio-integrate with the natural materials in your eye. This means that after you receive your new cornea, you will have to use special eye drops to help the plastic be compatible with your eye.

Advantages Of Artificial Corneas

The artificial cornea allows those with untreatable conditions to maintain independence and mobility. You will be able to return to your daily activities from before your vision loss began. Even when your cornea has been replaced, it is likely that you will still need corrective glasses or contact lenses if you used them before, but there are other options to correct your vision and make you independent of spectacles.

Advancements In Corneal Technology

While there is still work ahead to learn more about what we can do with artificial corneas, current research is very promising. Drs. Schultze and Eden are constantly evaluating and testing new technologies that have potential to benefit their corneal patients. They have been pioneers in many procedures that help to repair the cornea. As leaders in the cornea field, you could not be in better hands than with the surgeons at Cornea Consultants of Albany.

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