Pupilloplasty is a surgical procedure on the iris that alters the shape or function of the pupil. You can think of the iris like a doughnut, and the pupil like the empty space in the middle. Even though it is technically an empty space, the widening and narrowing, or dilation, of the pupil determines how much light reaches the lens of the eye.

A pupilloplasty is usually performed to repair damage to the iris and pupil after trauma. This procedure could also be necessary if an intraocular lens implantation leaves the pupil decentered. If the pupil is very far from center, the iris could create a shadow on the lens and a pupilloplasty would be able to return your vision to normal. This can improve light sensitivity and eliminate glares and halos caused by the irregular placing of the parts of your eye. An off-center pupil can also have cosmetic implications, so a pupilloplasty can render the pupil cosmetically more acceptable.

Drs. Schultze and Eden at Cornea Consultants of Albany are the only surgeons in Northeastern New York with the very delicate instruments needed to tie and manipulate sutures within the eye to minimize surgical trauma and improve recovery time. While there are risks involved in pupilloplasty, as there are in any surgical procedure, our surgeons are well-experienced in performing this surgery, and you can be sure that you are in excellent hands. With state-of-the-art technology and knowledge at Cornea Consultants, your vision will not need to suffer due to irritating shadows and glares. If you believe a pupilloplasty could be the fix you need, make an appointment with our doctors and experience first-class eye care.

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