Seasonal Allergies

Allergies affecting the eye are fairly common and the most common allergies are those related to pollen, medications and contact lens wear. This will likely most affect you once the weather starts getting warmer and dryer, so even though we love when the winter snows melt, this is when we treat the most patients for allergies.

There has also been an increase in the number of eye allergies over the years that are related to medications and contact lens wear. To prevent uncomfortable and irritating symptoms ask your doctor about any medications you are taking, even over-the-counter eye drops, and always practice safe and hygienic contact use. Allergies from animal hair or cosmetics used around the eyes can also cause similar symptoms. If you notice you are sensitive to anything that might be getting in your eye, try switching products and your allergies may clear up on their own. However, if your symptoms are moderate to severe, then the surgeons at Cornea Consultants of Albany will be able to effectively improve your condition.

If you suffer from allergies you will likely experience symptoms that can include redness, itching, burning, and watery discharge. Luckily, treatment for eye-related allergy symptoms does not require anything invasive or surgical. We can typically treat your eyes successfully by using antihistamine decongestant eye drops to reduce any symptoms.

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