Eye Tumors

What is an Eye Tumor?

An eye tumor is an abnormal growth of any eye tissue, and it can affect any part of the eye or eye socket. If you notice a raised bump, bulging eyeball, skin color change, sudden visual loss, double vision, or eye pain, please contact the Cornea Consultants of Albany immediately.

What is the difference between a Benign Eye Tumor and a Malignant Eye Tumor?

Tumors can be either benign or malignant, but even a benign tumor can affect your vision by changing the shape of the cornea, which could lead to astigmatism, thus blurring your sight. Benign tumors often remain localized, while malignant tumors often spread into surrounding structures. Malignant tumors in the eye are often secondary tumors caused by cancer in another part of the body, typically the breast, lung, bowel, or prostate. As far as primary tumors go, children are most at risk for retinoblastoma, while adults are most affected by melanoma. Fortunately, malignant tumors are rare but to be extra safe, any growth should be immediately evaluated.

How Are Eye Tumors Diagnosed?

A tumor can affect the eyelid, socket, eyeball, eye muscles, optic nerve, fat, and any other tissues in the eye. We will diagnose a tumor by performing a comprehensive eye exam and a biopsy of the tumor. If you notice anything irregular in your eye or vision, make an appointment immediately.

How Are Malignant Eye Tumors Treated?

When left unchecked, a malignant tumor can spread to the optic nerve, brain, or other parts of the body, so early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to maintaining your vision and your health.

Cornea Consultants of Albany specialize in ocular surface tumors and depending on its size and aggressiveness, we may be able to take care of it with laser surgery, or by freezing the tumor itself. For larger tumors, we may have to perform surgery to cut it out, but with advanced technologies and techniques these surgeries may not have any effect on your vision.

As an academic practice, we are constantly researching new methods to take care of your eyes and your sight, so our care is always improving and advancing. There has never been a better time to need cutting-edge ocular treatment, and we can offer you the best at Cornea Consultants of Albany.

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