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Dermal Filler Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Dermal filler treatment is one of the most common ways in which professionals help their clients address the signs of aging. Various dermal filler products have been widely used for the past several years. From this common use, you would think there would be very few misperceptions about the way treatment works and what it can and cannot do. Not so. Myths about dermal fillers still exist, and we need to bust them.

Dermal fillers dramatically alter appearance.

Most people don’t seek dermal filler treatment because they want to look fake. We appreciate this technique because a few injections can subtly enhance facial shape and smooth away lines and creases. The problem with the perception that dermal fillers can dramatically alter appearance is that it’s not completely unfounded. We’ve all seen images of enormously voluminous lips. We’ve also seen dermal fillers create more of a chipmunk look than one of high, sculpted cheekbones.

What you need to know about the effects of dermal fillers is that you can obtain the results you want. Natural-looking rejuvenation is the norm and it is completely within your reach. If you’re new to fillers, talk with your provider about being ultra-conservative with your first treatment. You can always add more later if you wish.

Dermal filler injections hurt.

The thought of painful injections can prevent a person from achieving the look they really want. Let’s put that to rest right here. Yes, to get dermal fillers means you will get injections. However, it is possible to significantly improve comfort by first applying a topical anesthetic to the skin. Some patients apply an ice pack before and after treatment as a faster alternative to numbing cream (which takes at least 30 minutes to work). Another important note is that dermal filler injections are given with an ultra-fine needle that feels like a mere pinprick as it passes under the skin. Finally, many fillers contain anesthetic. So, the initial injection also serves as a numbing agent.

I have to live with results even if I don’t like them.

It can help to view dermal filler treatment as fully customizable. You can start as conservatively as you like, and you can also reverse the effects of certain filler products if the results you observe are not to your liking. If you want the option of reversing your dermal filler, tell your provider. They will use a hyaluronic acid product that can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Don’t let myths about dermal fillers keep you from your freshest look. Call our Albany office at 518.475.1515 to learn more.

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