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Give Your Eyes a Wellness Exam to Start the New Year Right

Health and wellness tend to be hot topics at the beginning of each new year. After the year we’ve just come through, the tone of health and wellness may be slightly different. We’re still thinking about how we can slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Still, […]

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Tips for Winter Dry Eyes

The winter air is cold. The cold air is dry. When the air is cold, we tend to use indoor heaters to make ourselves more comfortable. While the warmth may feel cozy to the body overall, indoor heat dries the air even more. So, while you’re able to be indoors without being bundled up, your […]

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These Habits are Fitness for Your Eyes

We’ve become educated over the past several years about the vital necessity of nutrition and exercise. This awareness that our good health is not guaranteed leads many people to develop habits that help them manage their weight, blood pressure, and other important aspects of health. While we’re at it, we can also benefit from exploring […]

Women and Eye Health: Assessing the Risks

Like the teeth, the skin, and the rest of the body, the eyes need maintenance. Through every stage of life, it is necessary to know how eye health stands. This necessity only increases as we age. It is common knowledge that aging raises our susceptibility to eye diseases, some of which can significantly diminish eyesight. […]

Reasons to Come See Us!

Life is busy for just about everybody these days. Keeping up with regular eye exams may seem like one of the least important tasks to manage. Here, we want to point out a few rewards that you and your family receive when you commit to routine eye exams. A little time spent goes a long […]

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