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These Habits are Fitness for Your Eyes

istock 1152763684We’ve become educated over the past several years about the vital necessity of nutrition and exercise. This awareness that our good health is not guaranteed leads many people to develop habits that help them manage their weight, blood pressure, and other important aspects of health. While we’re at it, we can also benefit from exploring how we can keep our eyes healthy as we age. Whether or not you have particular genetic risks for eye conditions like cataracts or glaucoma, there are habits you can implement to potentially slow the rate of the deterioration of vision.  We’ll discuss a few here.

Professional Eye Care Tops the List

It isn’t difficult to find various tips for taking good care of the eyes. However, none surpasses the benefits of routine eye exams. It doesn’t get any easier than seeing the eye doctor as recommended. If you wear eyeglasses or have been diagnosed with an eye disease, this could be once a year. If your vision is stable and you are a younger adult, you may only need to see the eye doctor every few years. These appointments are critical because they go beyond checking your vision and observe the structures of your eye, where breakdown can occur silently for years before causing symptoms.

Eye-Healthy Lifestyle Tips

  1. Wear sunglasses. If you thought that sunglasses were more of a fashion accessory, think again. Wearing sunglasses is necessary to prevent the degradation of ocular tissues due to sun exposure. Studies have shown that people who routinely go into the sun without proper eye protection have a significantly higher risk of developing cataracts.
  2. Eat for eye health. Whole, nutritious foods are good for the whole body, including the eyes. The nutrients in carrots, chia seeds, blueberries, salmon, and sweet potatoes have been proven especially protective for eye health.
  3. Stay active. We tend to think that an active lifestyle is all about losing weight or preventing weight gain. Indirectly, exercise protects us from age-related eye disease like glaucoma. It does so by reducing risk factors such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  4. Avoid smoking. According to studies, smoking increases the risk of several potentially serious eye conditions, including dry eye, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and others.

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