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Our Aesthetics Center Has Solutions for Tired-Looking Eyes

The signs of aging are going to appear. We all know that. However, when aging skin makes the face look fatigued, unwell, or unfriendly, one may become self-conscious. This is the time when the concept of aging gracefully may be questioned. What does it look like to age gracefully? For many, the process involves nonsurgical treatments like dermal filler injections.

What are Under Eye Fillers?

There is not a product called an under eye filler. What we have are dermal fillers that are made to accomplish various things. Some dermal fillers are thinner and softer, made to enhance the shape of the lips. Some are thicker and have more structure so they can add contoured volume to areas like the nose or the cheeks. Some have the perfect consistency for use under the eyes. In this area, the most common use of dermal fillers is to smooth the crescent-shaped line that develops between the upper cheek and lower eyelid. This is called the tear trough, and it is a separator that coincides with under-eye bags. Depositing dermal filler along that line makes bags disappear.

Benefits of Under Eye Fillers

There are several reasons for the popularity of dermal filler under eye treatment, including:

  • Immediate improvement. Most dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, which binds to water molecules on contact. The provider can see the effects of treatment during the process. Patients see the improvements as soon as they look in the mirror.
  • Minimal side effects. Some people notice temporary swelling and redness. Some see subtle bruising. However, most patients resume normal activities upon leaving the office because side effects are so mild.
  • Convenience. Even when a new patient consultation is necessary, the average dermal filler treatment takes no more than half an hour. Patients can schedule this service during their lunch hour.
  • Natural-looking results. Very few people seek dermal filler treatment in hopes of altering their natural appearance. This is one of the benefits of this process; that the softness of the selected dermal filler will look and feel completely natural as it refreshes the face.

Cornea Consultants of Albany is proud to provide comprehensive eye care as well as aesthetic services that help our patients look and feel their best without having to travel to multiple offices. To learn more about dermal filler treatment, call 518.475.1515.

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