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Life is busy for just about everybody these days. Keeping up with regular eye exams may seem like one of the least important tasks to manage. Here, we want to point out a few rewards that you and your family receive when you commit to routine eye exams.

  1. A little time spent goes a long way. Many of the eye diseases that can have serious effects on long-term vision progress slowly. This doesn’t mean you have time to wait for care; it means that routine care can provide a good buffer against vision impairment. When treatment for conditions like glaucoma begins early, there is an excellent chance of preserving eyesight.
  2. We live in a digital world, which can put undue strain on the eyes. Many people work in jobs that require looking at a screen all day. Students, as well, may spend hours a day looking at computers or digital devices. The strain on the eyes can lead to headaches, dry eye syndrome, and blurred vision. Your eye doctor can assess your vision, eye health, and also offer suggestions for reducing digital eye strain.
  3. Eye prescriptions need to be current. If you have a refractive error that requires you to wear corrective lenses, your routine eye exams ensure that you do not fall behind with your current vision needs. When your lens prescription becomes out of date, you may do more squinting and straining than need be, subjecting yourself to the same symptoms of digital eye strain.
  4. Your eyes tell a story of your overall health. Did you know that your eye exam may reveal the first signs of a health condition like diabetes or high cholesterol? Your eyes are an important part of the body that demonstrate effects from other areas, including the heart. Therefore, seeing your eye doctor is another way to guard your general health.
  5. A vision exam is not an eye exam. Schools sometimes provide vision screenings for students, which can seem like a good idea. However, these screenings do not substitute for a thorough eye exam. Vision screenings only evaluate how clear one’s vision is. An eye exam observes all of the structures of the eye to ensure problems are not developing where they cannot be seen, such as in the retina at the back of the eye.

The team at Cornea Consultants of Albany offers comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. To schedule an eye exam with us, call 518.475.1515.

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