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Secondary Cataracts: Is This Really A Thing?

Cataracts affect millions of people, causing varying degrees of cloudiness from one to another. A characteristic of cataracts is that this condition progressively worsens over time. This happens because proteins continually accumulate on the natural lens once the process has begun. At some point, there are too many proteins on the lens for a person […]

What Happens after Microneedling Treatment?

In recent years, several collagen-induction treatments have been developed. Microneedling is one that has become popular for its ease and efficiency. This technique for bringing more collagen into the epidermis is an enhanced form of dermal rolling; one that achieves maximum results in a shorter period of time and with greater precision than its DIY […]

‘Tis the Season to Be Dry

The weather outside may be getting a bit frightful about this time of year. The skies are cloudy and snowflakes are falling one day, and the sun is shining the next. In either scenario, chances are the air is cold and dry. This change can trigger a whole slew of issues, ranging from skin conditions […]

Cornea Care | Slingerlands, NY

Give Yourself a Lyft

Aging isn’t the problem it used to be. While we all know our bodies grow older, this passage of time doesn’t carry the same consequences it once did. We can both feel great and look great as long as we wish. The trick is to know what is needed at what point in time. Here, […]

Women and Eye Health: Assessing the Risks

Like the teeth, the skin, and the rest of the body, the eyes need maintenance. Through every stage of life, it is necessary to know how eye health stands. This necessity only increases as we age. It is common knowledge that aging raises our susceptibility to eye diseases, some of which can significantly diminish eyesight. […]

Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Wearing eyeglasses is only a novelty for a short time. Some people can tolerate their eyeglasses for years, while others want to ditch them after their very first week of consistent use. When frustrations override the benefits of glasses or contact lenses, many people wonder if they should undergo LASIK. This laser vision correction surgery […]

Dive into Dermal Filler Treatment with Confidence

Online and on television and movie screens, we tend to see people at their very best; their very best being the side of them that looks the most attractive. The images that we see every day are so ingrained in our minds that we may not even realize that we believe the beautiful people we […]

Reasons to Come See Us!

Life is busy for just about everybody these days. Keeping up with regular eye exams may seem like one of the least important tasks to manage. Here, we want to point out a few rewards that you and your family receive when you commit to routine eye exams. A little time spent goes a long […]

Corneal Transplant: What to Know

The cornea literally sits front and center on the eye. We can’t visualize it by looking in the mirror, but this clear surface provides constant protection to the inner ocular structures. The cornea acts as a barrier to environmental debris like dust and also inhibits injury to the central parts of the eye. The cornea […]

Dermal Filler Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Dermal filler treatment is one of the most common ways in which professionals help their clients address the signs of aging. Various dermal filler products have been widely used for the past several years. From this common use, you would think there would be very few misperceptions about the way treatment works and what it […]

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