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Your Eyes: Windows to Your Health

Want to know more about your health? Just look at your eyes.
They say your eyes are the ‘windows to your soul,’ but more importantly they can reveal a lot about your health. BB The ophthalmologists at Cornea Consultants of Albany can see clues in your eyes that may point to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke. Our doctors attend to your body as a whole, not just your eyes. This is why we perform comprehensive eye exams to make sure that we catch any warning signs of problems in other parts of the body. The eye is unique in that it’s the only place in the body where doctors can directly examine both blood vessels and nerve tissue. For example, the retina contains lots of tiny blood vessels, and if the appearance of the vessels is abnormal in one way or another, it can lead the doctor to have concern for diabetes, high blood pressure or stroke. Hemorrhages or bruising in the retina can also indicate bleeding problems or hematologic disorders.
The optic nerve can also be very revealing about your health. If the optic nerve is swollen, it could be a sign of stroke, vasculitis or brain tumor. Even multiple sclerosis can be diagnosed by looking at the optic nerve. Take care of your body by taking care of your eyes. Many findings on eye exams are not associated with symptoms, so by keeping regular eye checkups at Cornea Consultants of Albany, you may be able to save yourself from risky health complications down the line. Your eyes are obviously crucial to your vision, but they are also crucial to seeing what your general health looks like too.

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