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Wear Contacts Correctly or Suffer the Consequences

We love our contact lenses. They save us from the nuisance of wearing bulky glasses and allow us to enjoy the appearance of freedom from eye-wear. But did you know that your contact lenses need just as much care as your eyes?
We all know that taking care of your lenses can sometimes be a pain—but not as much of a pain as the potential eye infections that could plague you as a result of ignoring regular contact lens maintenance. Imagine all of your efforts to have the vision you want, comfort you want, and appearance you want thrown out the door because of a nasty infection that yields long-term eye damage? But if you are one of the millions who are not maintaining good contact lens hygiene, it can happen.
A recent CDC study found that a whopping 99% of people participate in risky or unhealthy contact lens behavior. Most of the wearers reported keeping their contact lenses in for longer than recommended, topping off solution in its case, or wearing lenses while sleeping.
41 million people in the United States wear contact lenses, and all of these people are at risk of suffering painful consequences if they neglect the necessary care these eye products require. A 2016 study by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that around 20% of contact lens-related eye infections resulted in long-term eye damage.
Don’t be part of that 20%: there are many steps you can take to ensure that your lenses are well maintained and your eyes are not harmed. The CDC recommends that, until you consult with your doctor, you do not sleep with your contact lenses in, avoid adding new solution to old solution sitting in the case, and make sure to replace your lenses strictly as your doctor recommends.
When you take these important preventative steps, you are doing great things for your eye health. It’s important to remember that although contact lenses are a relief from glasses for many of us, they still require proper care and maintenance.
We are committed to your health, vision, and happiness, and want to make sure you have an entirely positive experience with your contact lenses!

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