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4 Eye Habits That Keep Your Vision Healthy

When most people think about the process of healthy aging, anti-wrinkle cream may come to mind. But in America, where one in three people suffers from a vision-impairing eye condition by the age of 65, healthy aging requires establishing good habits early in life to protect vision and eyes.
While an underlying disease may not cause every change in vision that a person experiences, if patients rely solely on their own judgment to monitor symptoms, they put themselves at risk. In fact, some eye diseases and conditions are asymptomatic and hard to identify until after they become more advanced and treatment options are more limited. Entrusting your eyes to your ophthalmologist ensures that problems are caught and treated immediately.
Because prevention, early detection, and treatment are crucial aspects of maintaining vision, our experts recommend taking proactive measures to better guard against serious diseases and protect eye health. Try using the following tips for your best vision!
1. Do not smoke: If you need another reason to quit smoking, here it is! Smoking has ties to a number of eye diseases and conditions, including but not limited to, cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. Besides boosting your overall health, quitting cigarettes can be beneficial to your eyes and vision.
2. Eat properly: A balanced diet and proper weight management can boost your eye health. Maintaining proper blood sugar is especially important for patients with diabetes since poorly managed diabetes can contribute to the formation of diabetic eyes diseases.
3. Protect your eyes: Wearing proper eye protection like sunglasses or safety goggles, can help ensure lifelong eye health and vision by preventing serious injury or UV damage.
4. Visit your ophthalmologist regularly: Regular visits to an ophthalmologist can ensure that your eyes are aging healthily. By looking for signs of eye disease, updating your prescriptions, as well as treating conditions immediately, ophthalmologists are your best line of defense against potential vision-stealing diseases and conditions. Since even common refractive problems can interfere with daily life, it is important for people to regularly get comprehensive eye exams.
By recognizing your role in protecting your vision, you can help yourself maintain healthy eyes for life. Be sure to schedule annual eye appointments and see your ophthalmologist more often if you encounter vision changes or problems throughout the year. Call us at (518) 475-1515 to schedule an appointment today. Our friendly staff at Cornea Consultants of Albany is happy to help you keep your eyes as healthy as ever!

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