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When undergoing LASIK surgery, there are a few things you should know. First of all, the procedure will be painless – we promise! At most you will feel some pressure once the surgery begins. The procedure is quick, and in most cases we can do both of your eyes the same day if needed.

During the procedure you will be sitting back in a comfortable reclining chair. Your eyes will be numbed with topical anesthesia in the form of eye drops so that you don’t feel any pain. You will be asked to focus on a light for the length of the procedure, but your surgeon will use an instrument to help keep your eyes open comfortably. You might notice a smell like burning hair while your surgeon is using the laser; this is completely normal and means that the laser is successful changing the shape of your cornea to allow you to see better. Each eye takes only about five minutes to successfully correct your vision.

With the femtosecond laser, the corneal flap can be cut with a precision that is unmatched by any mechanical blade. Your corneal flap will be created perfectly and smoothly with almost zero discomfort while you undergo the procedure. Complications with the LASIK procedure are extremely rare, however the metal blades used in traditional LASIK can create uneven flap edges, and an uneven flap edge can lead to abnormalities in the cornea. This can result in vision conditions like irregular astigmatism. All-laser LASIK results in even fewer complications that its conventional counterpart, making the procedure even safer so you can feel more comfortable the day of your surgery. Even though LASIK surgery is a recent innovation in the world of eye care, all-laser LASIK shows that the field is continuously improving and advancing to provide you the vision you want and need to live a happy and healthy life. Ask your physician at Cornea Consultants of Albany if the all-laser LASIK procedure can give you the sight you’ve always wanted.

After the surgery your eyes may itch, burn, and be watery but remember that your eyes were just operated on so this is to be expected. Other than this discomfort, you should experience little pain after surgery although your vision will not be perfectly clear. You will be able to see after your LASIK procedure, but it can take a couple of months for your vision to fully stabilize and improve. Your results will depend on what your vision was like before surgery; if you had mild to moderate refractive error your vision will likely become just about perfect. If your refractive error was severe you may still need some type of spectacle to help your vision to become perfect, but your dependence on glasses will be greatly reduced.

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