Phakic Intraocular Lens Visian Icl

Are you ready to free yourself from contact lenses and glasses? Previously, your only options to correct your vision without these methods were surgeries like LASIK or PRK, but now we are pleased to offer you a new and exciting way to get perfect vision, Visian ICL.

Visian ICL, also known as the implantable collamer lens, is a procedure very similar to cataract surgery used to correct nearsightedness. During the surgery, your surgeon will insert a lens into your eye with your prescription that is unnoticeable and unfelt, correcting your vision without any exterior lenses. However, unlike cataract surgery, the Visian ICL procedure does not remove the crystalline lens of the eye. It also does not remove any sensitive eye tissue like in refractive laser surgeries making corrective eye surgery safer than ever.

One to two weeks before you receive your new implantable collamer lens you will have an appointment with your surgeon during which he will use a laser to create two small openings on the peripheries of your iris. These openings will allow fluid from your eye to circulate around the lens, preparing you for the Visian ICL surgery. On the day of the insertion of your ICL you will be given numbing eye drops to make you comfortable during the procedure. Your surgeon will place your customized prescription lens in your eye through a tiny opening at the base of the cornea. Because the lens is flexible, it will be folded so that the opening can be as tiny as possible and then the lens will open gently once it is in your eye. The edges of the lens are then placed behind the iris so that it will be virtually invisible in your eye.

With the Visian ICL procedure, recovery time is very speedy; you will likely see improvement in your vision the day of the procedure. We are glad to offer this procedure and provide you even better vision-correction options. The Visian ICL surgery reduces the risk for dry eye syndrome, works well for people with thin corneas, and even has UV protection built into the biocompatible lenses. With Visian ICL, you will be seeing and living better than ever.

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