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Are you a candidate for LASIK refractive surgery? LASIK surgery is effective once the eye is fully developed and vision is consistent. For that reason, patients who are candidates for LASIK must:

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must have a stable, unchanging prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses

Furthermore LASIK patients must:

  • Have good overall health
  • Not be pregnant or nursing
  • Have no eye diseases

If you believe you are a candidate for LASIK, your first step is to schedule an appointment with us. Dr. Cortese will thoroughly examine and test your eye to determine if refractive surgery is the right course of action and also which procedure would work best with your lifestyle. There are different procedures used to correct your vision, and your doctor will work with you so that you can make sure you are making the right choice to find the corrective method that works best for you. Once you are approved, Dr. Schultze or Dr. Eden will perform your surgery.


Your satisfaction from your refractive surgery will likely be dependent on your expectations for your results. Refractive surgeries, like LASIK, will improve your vision so that daily tasks become possible without glasses or contact lenses. However, depending on the eye condition that has caused you to seek out refractive surgery, you may still need glasses for reading or distance driving. You should think of your refractive surgery as a means for you to reduce your dependency on glasses and lenses. The lasers used in refractive surgery are very precise, but patients can have varied visual results after their procedure. This occurs for many reasons, and not because something went wrong during their procedure. Different outcomes can occur because of differences in the degree of refractive error corrected, or in the individual healing process. LASIK and other refractive surgeries can lead to wonderful results, and at Cornea Consultants of Albany we want to help bring you those results by working with you to formulate the best plan.

Take this LASIK Quiz to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery, and book your appointment at Cornea Consultants today!

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